Thursday, 9 September 2010


I know I said I would have a post up about my holiday almost a week ago but I have just been so busy! (I still haven't even unpacked yet!) I started college yesterday so I am super tired!

Anyway so I got back from an amazing holiday in Spain with my two best friends last Friday night! I had such a great time, soaking up the sun and meeting lots of new people. They had a heatwave over there so it was around 42 degrees Celsius, unfortunately I suffer from heat rash so I was very itchy! I didn't really do much, just sat around in the sun all day and went out in the evenings, although I did go on a boat trip one day!

So I got back last Friday and worked pretty much everyday until I went to college on Wednesday. I can already see how much more work there is compared to school! I took four A Levels: English literature, Sociology, World Development, and Photography, I thought they would link in well in my career in the future (hopefully Journalism!) Every ones kind of sticking too their own groups at the moment so I have only spoken to a few people but most of them seem nice!

Anyway so thats an update on my life, what about you guys? Have any of you just started a new school or college? Been on holiday? Let me know!

Friday, 3 September 2010


Just got back from Spain! Amazing time... hopefully a big post up tomorrow!