Tuesday, 24 August 2010

GCSE results!

I would just like to say congratulations to everyone that got their GCSE results today! I hope you all got the grades you needed! I was surprisingly very pleased with my results... I thought I had completely mucked up my English Lit but that was actually one of my highest grades! Looking forward to celebrating tonight with my friends, I hope you all have a great day!

Poppy x

Friday, 20 August 2010

What am I looking forward too?

1. I am SO excited... this time next week I would have arrived in Spain with my two besties for eight days in the sun! Ahhhh... I LOVE holidays! This is the first time I have been on holiday with my friends so I am super excited! One of my friends Nan owns a villa out there with a pool etc, and only five minutes away from the beach and town! It sounds bliss but knowing my luck it will probably rain the whole time we are there!

2. X-Factor! Yessss, so all of you in the UK will know that X-Factor is starting tomorrow, I'm having a friend around so we can get a pizza and watch the show! I love Simon Cowell! I know he's old but there is something kind of sexy about him, do any of you guys think the same? Anyway I think I want a group to win this year, maybe another Girls Aloud? We need some more girl bands out there!

3. Shopping for college! I have been saving up most of my money from work this summer so I can go shopping and get some new clothes for college! I am actually havin withdrawal syptoms from the lack of shopping (although I did cave in yesterday and bought some military themed joggers!)

4. Although I never want the holidays to end, I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people! And atleast I will have a bit more structure in my days, all I have been doing over the holidays is working and bumming around with friends!

Something I am not looking forward too!

GCSE results! I am so nervous for them, I don't even like to think about it. I want to do english litrature in college but completely messed up my exam so I may have to swap that! For all of those of you that will be getting your results on monday, GOOD LUCK!

What are you looking forward to over the next few weeks? Any holidays booked? Starting a new school? Got a big shopping trip planned? Tell me! I love to here about these things!

School/college Fashion

I start college in September so I am very excited that I will finally be able to wear my own clothes! After 12 years of wearing uniform for near enough everyday, I finally have some choice! So I know that those of you that are still in school, this probably won't interest you much but for those of you that are in college or live in another country where you are allowed to wear your own clothes to school, I hope you will find this helpful!

So I have seen a few styles that really like this season which will look great for those of you in education!


The great thing about military is that you can dress it up or down. You may want to go for the whole jacket with gold buttons look or you could go for the slouchy look. Yesterday I bought some Khaki slouch trousers that look great with just a plain white top tucked into them! Stylish, yet comfortable, which is exactly what you want at school. I also love the lace up military boots that go perfectly with everything!

Ripped/high-waisted jeans:

Jeans can get kind of boring after a while, so why not wear the ones with a bit of edge... that people will actually take notice of? Firstly is the ripped jeans; I love the white washed look with this. Don't have much money this Autumn? Make your own with an old pair in the back of your cupboard! (River Island, Zara and New Look have some fab pairs!) Next is the high waisted jeans... if you can pull them off then definitely get a pair! Just think how great they look on the right person... Jennifer Aniston in Friends, Baby in Dirty Dancing!

Knitted Jumpers:

I have been waiting all Summer to be able to wear a knitted jumper! What I love about this trend is the fact that you can either go minimalistic and simple with a block colour like cream, or you can go for brights with patterns... it's up to you!

So I know three isn't many, that's because I want to hear your fashion trends that you will be sporting at school/college! Comment below!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Look who got post!

Hi guys! So sorry for the lack of posts recently, been really busy with work and stuff... but I'm back!

If you read my last post you will know that I ordered some bits off of Sleek (well only two items) recently and I was so excited when they came in the post only two days after I ordered them! (1. I LOVE post as I rarely get it 2. Only 2 days!) Anyway I thought I would share my views on them and show you what I got!

Sorry about the bad picture quality, I know I have been saying this for a while, but I should be ordering my Nikon D3000 digital SLR camera by the end of the week!

So the first item is a pout polish with an SPF 15 in the shade electro peach. I have wanted a easy lip balm in a pot for a long time so when I saw this I had to get it! It was only £3.40 and you get a lot for it (the product was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be!) My thoughts? I LOVE it... you can really build the colour with it so you can use it day or night! One thing I will say though is do not leave it in the sun! As soon as I got it I left it in the window and it melted quite a bit! Ooopss!

Next was one of their palettes in Storm which is full of neutrals and simple colours that you can wear from day to night. I got this one because I wanted some simple eye shadows that I can take on holiday with me without taking millions of pots! So I have tested out quite a few of the colours and I absolutely love them... they are so pigmented! AND it was only £5.10!

The palette is small and sleek so it can fit in your bag easily!

It's full of colours that you can wear from day to night!

(Sorry about my manly hands!) The colours are so pigmented, this was with just one stroke!

Overall I would definitely recommend both of these items, especially the palette! I will definitely be buying from Sleek again. The postage charge was only £2.51 and it only took two days for me to get it!

To take a look at the products go to: www.sleekmakeup.com, or go to your nearest Superdrug (not all stores will sell the range, mine didn't!) If you don't live in the UK you can check on EBay or Amazon where you can also find the items, normally they are a bit more expensive (only about 50p more).

Have any of you tried any of their products? Recommend any?

Friday, 13 August 2010


So I have finally ordered some makeup from Sleek! I am so excited! Oh and also a big new set of makeup brushes! I am so happy! So look out as I will be doing a post on the items!

So sorry for the lack of posts recently... i'm trying to figure out if I want to go on to youtube but i'm not sure yet... tell me whether it's a good idea or not please :) And any advice would be great!

I am also going on holiday in a few weeks with two of my friends so I will probably/hopefully have a big post up then!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


So sorry for the last of posts over the past few days, I have been at my dads so it has been impossible for me to get something up! I promise something will be upby thursday or friday!

I went to see Shrek 4 today; I was quite sceptical after hearing some bad reviews but I loved it... definately better than the third one!

Meanwhile... I am contemplating whether or not I should start making you tube videos! Do any of you do them? I'm kind of scared!

Tell me what you think!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Frank Sorbier at Paris Fashion Week

I loved Frank Sorbiers collection at Paris fashion week. Why did I love it? Because it wasn't your stereotypical catwalk with lots of glamour, instead most of his pieces were made out of paper mache! It just goes to show (especially to young designers at the beginning of their careers!) that you don't need to have a lot of money to get you clothes noticed, you just need to be creative!

What do you think? Do you still think his pieces are great even if they don't have all of the glitter and lace on them? Can you imagine celebrities walking the red carpet in them?