Friday, 30 July 2010

I am lacking inspiration...

I am currently suffering from writers block... I cannot seem to think of anything to write about! I would love it if you could give some ideas that you would be interested in reading, I know I may not be the best and most intersting blogger, but practice makes perfect right?

So yeah, please give me some ideas on what to write about... it can be anything!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Who's rocking the LBD?

By the way these celebrities are rocking the red carpet in these LBD's, I am sure that this is an item of clothing that will never be out of trend! Vanessa, Anna-Lynne, and Kylie look amazing in these simple but elegant dresses.

My favourite? Anna-Lynne by far (not that the other two don't look great too!), I just think that her figure is perfect for that dress!

What about you, who's your favourite? Do you think that the LBD will be around for ever, or do you think it's time for something else to take its place?

Material Girl

Madonna and Lourde's have made Taylor Momsen the face of their new junior fashion collection Material Girl! The collection will be in Macys in August, and by the looks of the few pictures I have seen, the items look fab!

I would have never put Taylor being the one to work with these two, but I think she's perfect for the punky, quirky range. What do you think of Taylor being the face of their collection? Good idea or not?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Unfashion related favourites

I thought I would do a post on some things that I am doing/reading/listening to etc at the moment! If I put what I am doing, I thought it would be fun if you told me what you are too!

What I am reading:

I am currently reading the fifth House Of Night book, Hunted. The House Of Night books are written by P.C and Kristin Cast and if you are into the whole vampire craze going around then you will love this series. It is basically about a teenage girl called Zoe Redbird who goes to a vampire school; she tells us about a variety of things from boy interests to defeating high vampires. It is quite an easy read which is great for the summer! Waterstones are currently doing a buy one get one free offer (I'm not sure if Waterstones are in the US but I am sure that other book stores will have this collection of books). Anyway definitely a good summer read!

What I am listening to:

- Lady Gaga (I am a big fan!)
- Eminem (New and old, I am currently addicted to his Greatest Hits album)
- The Killers (One of my all time favourite bands, I love Mr. Brightside)
- Red Hot Chili Peppers (as mentioned in a previous post, they are a classic, check out Under A Bridge)
- Example

What I am doing:

- Work (unfortunately, but at least it's money!)
- Beach when it is sunny
- Being super organised with a diary!
- Going to the gym!
- Not shopping! I am saving up so I can go on a massive shopping spree before summer ends; I will probably put up a post on what I got!

Also if any of you are interested in watching fashion/beauty related videos on youtube then check out:

- meganheartsmakeup
- dulcecandy87
- juicystar07
- allthatglitters21

I am super addicted to them! There are loads more beauty gurus that do these types of videos but these four are my favs, especially the top two!

Anyway tell me what you have been doing/reading/listening too, I would love to know! Have any of you been on holiday? I'm going to Spain with two of my friends in a few weeks, I'm so excited!

I Heart Topshops Shoes!

I absolutely LOVE Topshops range of shoes; from flats to heels, wedges to flip flops, they always seem to have the perfect pair!

SWALLOW cut out wedges- £68.00

AMBROSE cuff lace-up boots- £65.00

KAMILLE softy brogues- £50.00

MAZY t-bar pearl pumps- £28

ALLY show boots- £80.00

Where is your perfect place to shop for shoes? And what are your favourite type of shoes, sandals? Brogues? Heels? Wedges?

Top 5 things from Accessorize

I am a big fan of everything in Accessorize! I love their all year round beachy theme and their prices that won't stretch your budget. Here are some of my favs:

Panel sunrise printed purple wallet- £14.00

Ombre weave trilby- £17.00

Gypset feather statement alice band- £12.00

Gypset cutesy charm stretch bracelet- £8.00

80's tortoise flat top plastic sunglasses- £14.00

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Would you rather?

I actually got this idea for a post from and thought it was a really fun idea so I decided to do one myself!

1) Vogue VS Elle

2) Shopping trip VS Online shopping

3) Lush VS Body Shop

4) Topshop VS Zara

5) Bags VS Shoes

My Choices:

1) Vogue
2) Shopping trip
3) Lush
4) Topshop
5) Bags

Don't forget to comment and tell me what you would pick!

Oh, and I would love it if any of you could give me some tips on what to write... and follow if you want too!


So there are quite a few trends at the moment that I am loving... but there are also quite a few that I am not. Tell me what you think of these, are they a YAY of a NAY?

1) Brogues

2) Fringe

3) Harems

4) Leather

5) Wedges

For me it would have to be:

2)YAY (but only on bags)
3)NAY (i'm still waiting to find the 'right' pair)
4)YAY (on the right shapped person)

Let me know what you think of these trends... are they a YAY or NAY?!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Its come back to me...

OH MY GOD I had completely forgotten how much I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Don't you love it when you don't listen to a band for a long time then you hear them and you realise how much you have been missing out. I found my love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers again this afternoon after dancing around the living room with my mum and sisters with the music at full volume, I'm addicted and cannot stop myself from putting all of their songs constantly on repeat!

Is there a band that you have recently gotten back into? Which one?

Because we all need a bit of colour in our lives...

You can't get much better than colour! I love seeing a lot of bright colours on the runways and red carpets, it makes those beautiful dresses even more amazing!

Love the rich colour of this Zac Posen piece!

This Versus piece definitely stands out with its interesting cuts and bright colour

I love Valentino's big sleeves and amazing colour

The colour of this Halston jumpsuit is gorgeous... my favourite from these five!

We see from this Emilio Pucci dress that you can never go wrong with a floor sweeping red dress!

What do you prefer, colour or neutrals?

P.S- Sorry about the size! I couldn't make them any bigger.

Zara Autumn/Winter Collection

I am a huge fan of Zara (even if some of their items are quite expensive), so I was very excited when I saw their Autumn/Winter Collection. See for yourself!

I love the puffy sleeves and the fact that military will still be in style! What do you want to still be in style next season?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Toy Watches!

Toy watches are so fun and funky! There is a huge range of colours meaning that you will be able to find your perfect watch (I love the red one!) Take a look here:

Which ones your favourite, or if it's not here what colour would your ideal watch be?

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I've just made a Tumblr account... still getting used to it, it's kind of weird! Although this will still be my main account I will be using Tumblr too for any posts that I think are of interest. Check my out and follow!

Thanks x

Monday, 19 July 2010