Saturday, 10 July 2010


Yes I am a Twilight fan- or should I say Twihard?- so last night (the first showing for us in the UK) I went to see Eclpise! Now I have always seen myself as a team Edward but after seeing this film I seem to be verging on the team Jacob, maybe this is because of Jacobs sense of humour that lightens the mood of the tense atmosphere that Edward always creates. Also, Robert Pattinson is a very good looking man but in the film he really doesn't do it for me... I think it's the three inches of makeup he wears. So I am going to conclude in Team Edward for books, Team Jacob for Films, and Team Switzerland for the actors; well maybe a little bit more Team Robert... oh it's so hard!... and i'm a big Emmett fan too so thought I should mention him!

The film was definatly much better than the previous two so if you been put off from the others I recommend you seeing this one; it may change your mind! Yes it may be slightly cringey at some points but if you look past them you will see that the film is actually very good, and if you compare the acting skills of the characters from the first film you will see that they have matured a lot!

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