Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Waiting for winter...

I know some of you may hate me for this, but I am kind of looking forward to winter. Don't get me wrong I love the sunny weather (well not so sunny where I am at the moment), lazy days at the beach and the summer fashion, I just miss the wrapping up in big scarves, hats and layering. After seeing the pictures of Dakota Fanning in Marie Claire it made me really crave the over the top accessorise and the funky blazers that you can't really get away with in the summer. On the note of Dakota Fanning, I cannot believe she is the same age as me; she seems so mature and down to earth and I love her fashion sense that seems to differ with every picture I see of her. It's so weird that one minute i'm watching the young her in Charlotte's web with my two little sisters, and the next i'm seeing her in Eclipse or The Runaways. Yes, she's been thrown into the limelight from such an early age, but good for her! As long as she doesn't mess up now she's set up for life whether she wants to continue acting or wants a completely different career.

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