Friday, 20 August 2010

School/college Fashion

I start college in September so I am very excited that I will finally be able to wear my own clothes! After 12 years of wearing uniform for near enough everyday, I finally have some choice! So I know that those of you that are still in school, this probably won't interest you much but for those of you that are in college or live in another country where you are allowed to wear your own clothes to school, I hope you will find this helpful!

So I have seen a few styles that really like this season which will look great for those of you in education!


The great thing about military is that you can dress it up or down. You may want to go for the whole jacket with gold buttons look or you could go for the slouchy look. Yesterday I bought some Khaki slouch trousers that look great with just a plain white top tucked into them! Stylish, yet comfortable, which is exactly what you want at school. I also love the lace up military boots that go perfectly with everything!

Ripped/high-waisted jeans:

Jeans can get kind of boring after a while, so why not wear the ones with a bit of edge... that people will actually take notice of? Firstly is the ripped jeans; I love the white washed look with this. Don't have much money this Autumn? Make your own with an old pair in the back of your cupboard! (River Island, Zara and New Look have some fab pairs!) Next is the high waisted jeans... if you can pull them off then definitely get a pair! Just think how great they look on the right person... Jennifer Aniston in Friends, Baby in Dirty Dancing!

Knitted Jumpers:

I have been waiting all Summer to be able to wear a knitted jumper! What I love about this trend is the fact that you can either go minimalistic and simple with a block colour like cream, or you can go for brights with patterns... it's up to you!

So I know three isn't many, that's because I want to hear your fashion trends that you will be sporting at school/college! Comment below!

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